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ConfigDig: An administration tool for ht://Dig

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ht://Dig is a powerful and FREE open-source world wide web indexing tool. Perfect for most web sites, it is fast, powerful, and flexible, able to index multiple sites and search across them. Run your own search engine! For more information on ht://Dig, visit their excellent web site at


ConfigDig is meant to be a companion to ht://Dig, and does what it says: it configures ht://Dig and all of its component parts. The ConfigDig project provides the users of ht://Dig with several things:


My primary goal for ConfigDig is to make using and configuring ht://Dig as easy as possible. If you have an idea that will help me achieve this goal, please feel free to contact me at the address below, or better yet subscribe to the configdig-dev mailing list.

ConfigDig current version is 1.01. Here's a glimpse of some of ConfigDig's features as of this first release:

More information on the ConfigDig API can be found in the HTML docs, including with the distribution, and also accessible on this site.

How to get ConfigDig or Help Development

ConfigDig Version 1.01 has been released! The release can be found on the ConfigDig Development page. Or just download it directly from here. The format is tar gzip, a standard internet distribution format. Read the README file for installation instructions. Comments are welcome. Please send them to the configdig-dev mailing list.

Another way to get ConfigDig's most recent working version right now is to get it via CVS. You can find instructions on doing this at the ConfigDig Development page.

Another way you can help development is to complete the short survey at our development site and let me know what you want ConfigDig to do.

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